Piles Care Centre and Hospital

Welcome to the Piles Care Centre and Hospital  at Jalandhar where ancient wisdom meets modern care. We have been providing natural and effective solutions for piles and other anorectal problems since 1987. Our centre has vast experience of over 37 years dealing specifically with only piles, fissures, fistula in ano, pilonidal sinus and anal tags.
The senior doctor at our Centre has experience of 4 decades of handling chronic, complex , complicated and recurring cases of fistula in ano that have not been corrected anywhere else even after repeated treatments like surgeries, laser treatments, homeopathic medicines, etc.
Following the Ayurvedic technique Kshara Sutra, the age-old holistic healing system, which offers a gentle yet powerful approach to treat piles and anal discomfort.

Our skilled specialists are committed and understand your unique needs and crafting personalized treatment plans that focus on natural remedies and minimally invasive technique. Discover simple yet effective treatment that can positively impact your health. Our specialists will guide you on practices that can aid in reducing discomfort and promoting natural healing. Whether you are suffering from piles, Anal Fissures, Fistula in ano, Pilonidal Sinus, Anal Skin Tags, Anal Itching and Discomfort or any other anal problems, The Piles care Centre and hospital, Jalandhar is one stop solution for all the problems and discomforts.

Meet Our Doctors

  • Proctologist

Dr. Bipul Kumar Biswas



Dr. Subir Biswas



Dr. Sushmita Biswas



What They Say


Sukhi SIngh Sangroor

Sangroor surgery karvayi si par nahi theek hoyea. Hun athe treat krvayea.

Inderjit SIngh Kapurthala

Came from Nathu Chahal, Kapurthala for treatment of Fistula-in-ano.

CK Singh Chandigarh

Came from Chandigarh for treatment of Fistula of my father.