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This centre has been founded to manage various Ano-rectal disorders like Piles (Masa\Babasir), Fissure(Wadhiya), Fistula (Bhagandar), Pilonidal sinus, Rectal polyp, and all other problems related to the anal canal with kshara sutra. 

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Hoshiarpur Rd, near Lamba Pind Byepass, Near Shubham Palace, Santokh Pura, Jalandhar, Punjab 144004

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Arshatt News Jalandhar

I treated Fistula in ano from a private hospital in Jalandhar in 2021but symptoms reappeared after sometimes. Then someone suggested me this place. Due to the surgery done in hospital, my case became very complicated and it took 10 months to properly heal.Now, I am fully Ok and referred many patients here.

Nishan Singh Hoshiarpur

I live in Jaura Pind, Hoshiarpur. I treated my son and daughter from the doctor before 12 years ago. Now Both are fine. My son are now settled in Germany.

Baljit SIngh Goraya

I live in pind Gohawar, near Goraya. My age is 65years. I operated 2 times before coming to Piles Care Centre in 2021. I operated from a hospital in Goraya in 2015 but was unsuccessful. Then I operated again from another hospital in Phagwara but was also unsuccessful. Them some of my relatives recommended me this Centre. Here I was treated with ayurvedic medicines and it took me 3 months to heal properly. I daily updowns to Jalandhar from Goraya on my bike. Now, I am fully Fine.